Who is famous hero?

This graph contains the 100 highest-grossing stars according to the cumulative worldwide box office of all the films in which a star has played a leading role throughout his life. And now, the 458,532 reason not to mess with Tom Hardy, who apparently has wild eyes and the intensity of pooping in his pants in real life as he is on the big screen. Believe it or not, Tom Hardy isn't the only major actor known for doing an act of heroism when the situation calls for it. In fact, many of your favorite celebrities have made headlines in recent years for becoming famous heroes when things go wrong in real life, from interrupting a drunken fight to saving a woman from getting into oncoming traffic.

Playing Wolverine for nearly two decades, Hugh Jackman practiced a lot to achieve inevitable real-life heroism. According to a report by 9 News from Australia, his son was trapped in a water wave, one of the most deadly and dangerous aspects of beachside fun, and Jackman stepped in and took him swimming back to the coast. If that doesn't convince you to emulate the man, you might want to read his other life lessons before discarding him. Is there anything more appropriate than tying Vin Diesel, no matter how tangentially, to a car accident? While riding his motorcycle through Hollywood, the Fast and Furious star watched a car drift, flip over and catch fire.

He immediately stopped and got two children and their father out of the car before everything went up in flames. During the legendary and tumultuous production of World War Z, the story goes, an extra fell in the middle of a stampede of 700 people. Brad Pitt noticed, ran to her and got her out of the stampede. We hope those exploits won't be necessary in the next sequel.

In 2004, while the governor was on vacation in Hawaii, he saw a struggling swimmer. The star of action movies and, at that time, political official swam to meet the man and took him, on a boogie board, back to the coast. Ryan Gosling may not be the hero Manhattan deserved, but apparently he's the one we need. Marks Place: Walking around New York seems to be the boy's favorite pastime: he encountered a street fight.

Of course, he broke it. Here, too, everything is in front of the camera. Celebrities are considered heroes because of their talent, but for Robert Nesta Marley, being one of the first musical artists from a third world country to achieve international stardom was his least concern. If you're looking for the most popular actor in the world, just check out the following list.

In this list, the 6 most popular actors in the world have been discussed. Chan-Kong Sang, popularly known as Jackie Chan. He was known for his fighting style. Shanghai Noon, Drunken Master, Dragons Forever were some of his best films.

No one could match Jackie Chan's incredible abilities with a mix of humor. Although he's an action hero, kids love him too. More popularly known as Iron Man all over the world. He has a large fan base around the world for his outstanding and significant performance in the series “The Avengers”.

At the age of 5, he made his debut in the movie 'Pound'. He has won many awards for his excellent performance, including the Academy Awards for Best Performance. The most popular actor in the world (top 10) The highest paid actor in the world is Dwayne Johnson. Morgan Freeman is the most famous actor of all time.

Dways Johnson's first film was “The Mummy Returns” in 2001. Christopher Lee has set an acting record in more than 280 movies and he, the Hollywood actor, acted in most of the movies to this day. The Departed, The Revenant, The Wolf of Wall Street, Titanic were some of Leonardo DiCaprio's famous films. Despite the fact that Emma Watson had many film successes, becoming a world-famous actress did not stop Emma Watson from continuing her education.

That woman turned out to be Josephine Baker, an internationally renowned exotic singer and dancer (herself a hero of the Second World War and of the Civil Rights Movement), who, at the time, was a much bigger celebrity than Grace Kelly. . .

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